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Oil Recovery in Houston, TX

Generator In business since May 2010, Colarasis, Inc offers the technology for electro-chemical underground conversion processes for primary and secondary hot oil well stimulation and oil recovery, Electro-Magnetic water purification, salt water conversion, sewage treatment, paper mill clarification and contaminate clarification.  Colarasis, Inc also makes an analgesic skin balm formulated without water.

Colarasis, Inc in Houston, TX aims to offer a new and unique secondary hot oil recovery process.  This new process involves the enhanced recovery of crude oil for which there has never been a satisfactory or inexpensive production process.  The processes offered by Colarasis control and highly improve viscosity and flow factors, the potential of heavy paraffin and asphaltic deposits in the United States that are likely beyond evaluation.  Colarasis' process is a breakthrough in colloidal chemistry, which offers a dynamic solution to America’s energy problems.

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The electro-chemical underground conversion process for primary and secondary hot oil well stimulation and recovery is performed underground with special above-ground equipment and an injection of special formulas.  The hot process stimulation takes three to five days to complete on an oil well.

Catalytic Tank The purpose of an Electro-Magnetic water purifier is to give the user all the fresh, pure, clear water needed.  It is soft, demineralized water, free of bacteria, algae and fungus.  It performs several functions which contribute to the purification of water.

Salt Water Conversion

In areas that are dry and arid, especially in the south, there is a huge need for fresh water. With the lack of rain and the lack of fresh water lakes, it is important to have a process where one can take sea water and turn it into fresh water. This process in called sea water conversion. This desalination process is versatile in application and in its extended treatment of water for many purposes.

Paper mill clarification is a method of water treatment and purification which recovers fibers otherwise lost in water waste and permits the use of water over and over, thus cutting cost.  A paper mill purifier can be built to purify any flow of water needed.  The purpose of a contaminate clarifier is to remove contaminates from water or air which create health hazards and are a public nuisance.

Colarasis, Inc also provides sewage treatment services as a method of electro-chemical reaction.  This treatment completely digests all solids in a matter of hours, leaving clear water with large amounts of fixed nitrogen which is necessary to supply oxygen for plant and animal life.
Lastly, Colarasis, Inc also has formulated the Roman’s Pain Rub for pain relief of arthritis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, gout, muscle strains and sprains.  It is an analgesic skin balm formulated without water but consisting of the richest, purest emollients, lubricants and penetrating agents.
Stimulation and Recovery.

Purifier  New_imGes Air Compressor

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Products & Services

Colarasis, Inc. in Houston, TX offers an array of processes. These processes include electro chemical underground oil conversion treatment, electro-magnetic water purifier, salt water conversion, sewage treatment, paper mill clarifier and Roman's pain rub. We offer a new process for oil recovery.

Colarasis also formulated Roman’s Pain Rub which helps with arthritis, gout, muscle strains, sprains and more. This skin balm is formulated with lubricants and penetrating agents and without water.

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